Workshop Aerial Yoga for Beginners


Never done aerial yoga before? This is your chance!
Join us for a new yoga experience; feeling supported by the hammock, moving gently and slow for a new fulfilling and calming experience. Beginners only. 
Womanhood studio Delft, Dec 9th, 2017, 20:00-22:00

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Never done aerial yoga before? This is your chance!
Come to the beginners workshop at the Womanhood studio in Delft on Dec 9th, and we will show you not only how to be safe IN the fabric, but also how to work WITH the fabric to create a wonderful supported yoga experience.
Aerial yoga is a fun way of experiencing yoga. On the one hand you will be challenged in this workshop, getting into poses you have never even seen. On the other hand, you will feel very supported in the fabric, experiencing the calmth en warmth of being weightless in your own little cocoon.
In this workshop we will move gentle and slowly, giving you time to experience and go as far as you like.
We will end this workshop with healthy snacks and hot tea!
Spaces are very limited – so don’t delay if this workshop is for you.
Teacher: Anne Olsthoorn
Wear a shirt which covers your armpits, comfortable pants and not much face-makeup;-)