Sonora Cassia Ring Sling


A cosy, lambswool ring sling to keep you warm this autumn and winter. Soft red bark tones with ecru lambswool. Wool makes for a wonderful sling, it is naturally temperature regulating, anti-bacterial and cushy! Approx 255gsm.

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Wraps can be used to carry your baby from birth onwards. Correctly used, a wrap distributes the baby’s weight beautifully, making for an extremely comfortable, supported and snug carry.

Wraps are highly adjustable. Not only can you carry your child on your front, back and hip, in each position you have a myriad of choices about the kind of carry you want to use (see Carrying Instructions section for more). This means that you can tailor your wrap exactly to suit you, yet the same sling can be adjusted for someone else too!

Although using a wrap can look intimidating at first, with a little practice you can get into the swing of things and they will become simple to use in no time. You will soon be amazing your friends and family with how quickly and easily you’ve wrapped up and soothed your baby.

Oscha slings soften beautifully with use and come with a handy bag to carry them in.

Care info


Our cotton and linen only needs to be washed at 30 degrees. We don’t recommend bleach as it can damage fabric.

Do not use fabric softener with your slings – it reduces the life of the fabric and makes it lose grip.

It is recommended to put ring slings inside a pillow cover when washing so the rings don’t get damaged.

Tumble drying

We do not recommend tumble drying in our washing instructions as it decreases the life of any fabric. Having said that, running it on a low temperature can help soften and ‘break in’ your sling.


It is a good idea to steam iron your cotton and linen slings after washing. Not only does it make them pretty and help to soften the fabric but it avoids the fabric creasing along the same lines repeatedly, which can lead to wear.

Try not to let linen dry completely if you are going to iron – linen is much easier to iron while damp. If you dry linen completely in the tumble dryer it may appear to have drastically shrunk. The fibres have just been compacted together and will return to normal after a quick press with an iron (and a spray of water). Using your sling will also stretch it back out again.

Silk, Wool, Cashmere

We recommend hand washing these fabrics. This can be done by putting some suitable wool/silk/cashmere soap in the bath tub and gently agitating the wrap in it. Then squeeze off any excess water (without wringing), roll in towels and step on them to dry further water. Alternatively you can use the cool handwash setting on your washing machine if it has one. Wool and cashmere should be laid flat to dry. You should avoid drying silk in direct sunlight. They can be ironed on a very cool setting.




Use common sense when using a sling: your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Avoid strenuous activities when wearing your baby. Be aware of any objects your child can reach, particularly anything hot or sharp. When using a wrap, always tie securely with a double knot. Check your sling for any signs of wear and tear before each use. Stop using immediately if you notice any damage. Ensure that your baby has a good air supply: that there is no fabric over his/her face or mouth, and their chin is not resting directly on their chest – there should be at least one finger width in between chin and chest. Be aware of your baby’s body heat when using a sling. The sling provides extra layers of fabric and therefore warmth for you both; you are also sharing each other’s body heat. You will probably need a layer or two less clothing than normal, but make sure your child has something warm for their legs and feet if necessary. Do not use in place of a car seat. Exercise caution when near open flames. Do not operate machinery, drive a vehicle or ride a bike when using a sling. Ensure your baby’s head is well supported. Do not leave a sling around your child unsupervised. Please visit the following websites for more sling safety information: The T.I.C.K.S. rules for safe baby wearing